Bridal Invitation Etiquettes

Most brides are really excited when it comes to the topic of sending invitations and invites. However, this simple task should be handled with utmost care because it will serve as the glimpse of what’s going to happen in your wedding day. As wedding planners would always reiterate, the invites should be done with style. The invitations will set the tone of the bridal celebration so taking care of the stationery style and its content are of great importance.

However, some brides are really familiar with the etiquette of sending out invitations. If it is your first time, these tips will really help a lot:

(1) Never give too much notice to your guests

The main goal of sending invites is to be able to come out with the exact head count. Without invitations, you cannot determine how many people will be attending your wedding. Save the date cards like this should go out 3-4 months before the slated wedding date. Do not send out invites six months ahead because it means that you are too excited and the plan might change. Send out invites if most of the details are already ironed out. The invitations should have an RSVP request so you can know the confirmed number of attendees.

(2) The invitations should be direct and creative

Some couples get too excited with their invites that they forget to put some necessary details. If this happens to you, it is quite embarrassing. It is understandable because you are too excited. In order to avoid this kind of error, please make sure to double check details like date, names, time, theme and etc. There are so many possibilities when it comes to your creative cards. You can search online for more inspiration.

(3) Keeping the invitation simple

Sending invites with crowded information is not a good thing. The keywords here are sweet and simple. You don’t need to include the names of all the guests, children, registry and etc. You can post those details on your wedding dedicated website. The invitation should have no fuss, just details and a hint of creativity.

(4) Do not misspell the names

Yes, this is an important part of invitation etiquettes. It will be offensive to the guest that you have invited if you misspell his or her name. As much as possible, make sure that the names are correct. Addressing the person correctly is a must when sending invites. You cannot mix up the Mr. and Mrs., and other important salutations.

If you need more help when it comes to making your bridal invitations, no need to worry as there are so many inspirations that you can follow online. As a bride, you have the option to personalize your invites or you can commission a local printer. Your invitation style should follow the general theme of the wedding. It is your chance to showcase your style, so make sure you pour your creativity with no limitations.