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Bright Ideas for New Wedding Makeup Artists in Charlotte, NC to Get More Clients

How to Attract More Brides to Hire You as Their Makeup Artist?

Since many get married everyday, you may think that it is easy for wedding makeup artists to get more jobs. You must also think that everyday, there are also new wedding makeup artists that emerge. Well, you are not just the only one who is trying to make it big. With so many new wedding makeup artists in Charlotte, NC, everyday is a touch competition. Being new in the industry as a makeup artist for brides, how can you get more clients?

What you can do first is to start with small weddings. Since you are still new, this is the best and safest thing that you can do. Accepting big wedding jobs without thinking is too risky unless you are willing to hire assistants to work with you. But this way would need a different level of leadership and teamwork. Unfortunately, this is best gained through long experience. Try to start with your friend or family’s member’s wedding first. After that, you can ask them to spread the word for you by recommending you to other marrying couples that are also looking for a wedding makeup artist.

Lower down your service cost for a limited time and you will be in demand. But don’t make your rate unrealistically cheap as people will certainly doubt the quality of your service as a makeup artist. If you are good at bridal hairdressing too, maybe you can include that on the wedding packages that you offer. May brides will also appreciate if you become transparent with the charges that you give them.

Use effective business promotion and there are many easy ways to do this. First is through online as this is a very affordable business advertisement that you can do. Create business pages on social media websites. Do you know that you can create business page on Facebook? Might as well create a Twitter and Instagram account for your business where you can upload photos of the bride you have worked with the makeup you have put on them. Don’t forget the power of directory websites that online visitors often visit too. Ask for testimonials from your clients that you can post on directory websites. Still, it is best if you have your own website setup for your business too. Make it detailed, organized, optimized, and easy to navigate for online visitors. It is also where you can upload photos of the different bridal makeup styles that you can do.

Participate on bridal shows as this is something even wedding makeup artists in Charlotte, NC that has been in the industry for so long still often do at least a few times a year. Upcoming brides go to bridal shows where they can have makeup trial with artists they could hire in the future. This is also a good chance to affiliate with other wedding service providers, such as wedding invitation maker.

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